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[2110]ASCII-Table.comDEV - Lotus Notes/Domino
DEV - Web Resources
ASCII is the standard code used for information interchange and communication between data processing systems, including Internet. The ASCII character set (or ASCII table) initially contained 128 7-bit coded characters including alphabetic, numeric, control and graphic characters. It has since been extended to include system or country specific characters.
DEV - Lotus Notes/Domino
DEV - Web Resources
Jake Howlett's excellent Domino/web development site. Good articles and How-to's as well as news and going on's from the UK...
[1559]Lotus Notes on Web 2.0DEV - Lotus Notes/Domino
DEV - Web Resources
William Beh's Lotus Notes on Web 2.0. A useful site for Domino Developer...
[1392] - R6 ForumDEV - Lotus Notes/Domino User Community Forum
[1746]NSF ToolsBlogs
DEV - Lotus Notes/Domino primarily features tips and tools and utilites for Lotus Notes and Domino administrators and developers. Unless otherwise specified, all the tools available for download from this site have been developed by Julian Robichaux, the author of this site. There's also a blog (what's a blog?), which is supposed to be about Notes and Domino, but may very well stray in other directions from time to time. If you're curious, please check the other links at the top of this page. You might find something you like. Also, if you're looking for other good Lotus Notes/Domino sites to visit, please check my links page for some recommendations.
[1342]OpenNTF.orgDEV - Lotus Notes/Domino
OpenNTF is a site devoted to getting groups of individuals all over the world to collaborate on Lotus Notes/Domino applications and release them as open source to the general public with no strings attached, apart from the 'don't blame me if it doesn't work' caveat! Our mission is 'to provide applications for Lotus Notes as open source which may be freely distributed, in order to increase the awareness of the power of Notes'
[2411]WebTek CentralDEV - Lotus Notes/Domino
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