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[1343]A List Apart.comDEV - Web Resources
For people who make websites A List Apart Magazine (ISSN: 1534-0295) explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on techniques and benefits of designing with web standards.
[1227]Ajax Loading AnimationsDEV - Web Resources
Generate Animated loading images for use in web applications...
[2144]ASCII-Table.comDEV - Lotus Notes/Domino
DEV - Web Resources
ASCII is the standard code used for information interchange and communication between data processing systems, including Internet. The ASCII character set (or ASCII table) initially contained 128 7-bit coded characters including alphabetic, numeric, control and graphic characters. It has since been extended to include system or country specific characters.
DEV - Lotus Notes/Domino
DEV - Web Resources
Jake Howlett's excellent Domino/web development site. Good articles and How-to's as well as news and going on's from the UK...
[1357]DitchNet.orgDEV - Web Resources
Java. Swing. XML. DHTML. JavaScript. CSS. Servlets & JSP. W3C DOM. SAX2. XHTML. PHP. These are my bread and butter. I am a Developer who specializes in Java, Swing, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, XHTML, XML, SAX, DOM, and XML processing with Java (including some early implementations of XQuery and XPath 2.0). I also have a solid level of experience with Java Servlets, JDBC, Ant, J2EE design patterns, JavaBeans, Python/Jython, Tomcat, and multi-threaded Swing apps. Developing highly advanced client- and server-side applications and interfaces with these technologies (in a way that is cross-browser and cross-platform compatible) is my *specialty*. Intimate knowledge of modern web browsers and their quirks is also one of my strongest suits. Additionally, I have Flash ActionScript 2.0 experience as well as PHP and MySQL.
[1280]Dynamic DriveDEV - Web Resources
Web Tools
dhtml scripts for the real world! Welcome to Dynamic Drive, the Number 1 place on the net to obtain free, original DHTML and Javascripts to enhance your web site!
[1826]Hedger WangBlogs
DEV - Web Resources
Good site for WebDev tips and tricks...
[3106]HP Learning CenterDEV - Web Resources
Web Tools
Expand your knowledge base with a FREE online course. If you have never been to the HP Learning Center before, please take a few seconds to register and our system will automatically recognize you in the future. Look for the ‘Hello’ in the navigation links under the HP logo on the left side of the page as confirmation that you have been signed in. Note: The HP Learning Center uses a cookie to recognize you the next time you visit the site. This cookie is not used for any other purpose, or to gather any other information about you or your behavior while on the site.
[1406]JavaCoffeeBreak.comDEV - Web Resources
Welcome to the Coffee Break! Feel free to browse around and learn more about the Java programming language. Never done Java programming before? Not sure what Java is all about? Learn exactly what is Java and how to write applets and program in the Java language. Experienced developers start here, and with our articles and FAQs.
[1592]Lotus Notes on Web 2.0DEV - Lotus Notes/Domino
DEV - Web Resources
William Beh's Lotus Notes on Web 2.0. A useful site for Domino Developer...
[1389]MXToolBox.comDEV - Web Resources
Web Tools
ABOUT MX LOOKUP This test will list MX records for a domain in priority order. The MX lookup is done directly against the domain's authoritative name server, so changes to MX Records should show up instantly. You can click Diagnostics, which will connect to the mail server, verify reverse DNS records, perform a simple Open Relay check and measure response time performance. You may also check each MX record (IP Address) against 147 DNS based blacklists. (Commonly called RBLs, DNSBLs)
[1669]Rex Swain URL HeadersDEV - Web Resources
Web Tools
See exactly what an HTTP request returns to your browser
[1496]Sample CSS Site LayoutsDEV - Web Resources
[1311]Web Design LibraryDEV - Web Resources
Web Design Library is an internationally refereed resource that provides a platform for the dissemination of design thinking and research. It covers all theoretical and practice-oriented aspects of the effective, efficient and attractive presentation of information on-line. Web Design Library is an online project of Artvertex Corporation. Artvertex, Inc. is a worldwide leader in E-Commerce - providing customers with valuable, convenient, relevant and enjoyable online experiences through a diversity of products and services. The main orientation of the company is Web Design, with an emphasis on affordable web design products and services.
[1358]Web Developers NotesDEV - Web Resources
Free online web development tutorials Welcome to the free online web development tutorials section of I have learnt web development through a several books, countless online articles and group discussions on the web and here I present tutorials on a few languages and technologies you will surely find helpful in your web development career. These free online web development tutorials have been written keeping in mind the beginner. Thus, you do not need any programming background, though it is assumed that you know how to work at a very basic level on the computer.