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2020 8-Point buck

Apologizing up front if you are squeamish about hunting but with a large family and many mouths to feed we hunt to help reduce our grocery bills to Sam's Club emoticon. This was the biggest buck I've personally gotten but there are several bigger still in the woods. They say you can't eat the horns but this guy made the days of not seeing anything in the woods the week prior all worthwhile! Looking forward to next year already!
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Been working on lots of projects the last few months and thought I'd post some of them. All the wood is from my property and sawed and processed using my sawmill.
Bunk Beds
The boys needed bunk beds so I spent about a full week making them a single over double set from oak I sawed with my mill. These are super heavy duty and I think will last a LOOOOONG time!

Coffee Mug Holder
I made the coffee mug holder out of old recycled barn board from the tobacco barn we took down last year and the coffee pot holder is from wild cherry I sawed up with the bandsaw a few years back and the shelves are from a white oak tree I harvested after it died.

Gun Rack
I got the boys Daisy Red Rider BB guns and decided to make a gun rack out of scrap wood I had around the shop.

Trailer Rebuild
Our neighbor lets us use his trailer and the deck boards were pretty rotten so I spent about a week rebuilding it with a lot of help from brother-in-law's. Work included welding re-enforcements to the frame, rewiring and repainting it and screwing down the new deck with self-tapping metal screws. I used 2 cedar boards on the outside and the rest is red oak.

Honey harvest 2020
Caleb and I spent some time harvesting honey. I was very disappointed as I lost a hive about 3 weeks before the harvest. Only one of the three hives I have left produced honey as the other two were swarms I had captured this spring and didn't want to rob their winter stores.
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baby chicks]
Today Caleb and I went to E-town so I could get a hair cut and a Sam's Club run. We stopped at TSC and I saw they had chicks so we ran up to Rural King and found they had chicks for $.99 vs the $1.99 at TSC. They were straight run meaning male and female were all mixed together. A kind gentleman assisted us and hopefully we were able to get mostly hens. We came home with 28 as he threw in 4 for free as they needed cleaned up. Caleb and I brought in the chick hutch and Lisa and some of the girls cleaned them and put them in their new home. Hopefully in about 6 months we have lots of fresh eggs!
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